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Why You Need More Than One Session of Lip Blushing St. Louis

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Lip Blushing St. Louis is the greatest trend to hit the market lately, with good reason. But at the same time,There’s so much confusion and misunderstanding around it? Let’s take a dive into the wonderful world of permanent makeup, and how you can get the best healed results for your desired look!

Lip Blushing St. Louis

As we talked about in a previous article, lip blushing St. Louis is the perfect amount of micropigmentation deposited into the lip to give a colored effect. This procedure is very natural, and is wearable without makeup.

As we age, the vermillion border (that tiny line) in our lips starts to go away. There’s also other factors that can cause this such as, smoking, having children, chemotherapy or other treatments, major hormonal changes, some medications, sun damage, or other major lifestyle factors.

Color Retention with a Lip Blushing St. Louis session

Because lip blushing St. Louis is so natural, it may take more than one session to reach your desired effect. Another key factor in the procedure is the desired color. Choosing a more natural color, such as mauve, or pink, may result in more natural healing results versus a red, coral, or more bright and vivid color. Having a second to third lip blushing session can give you that true lipstick color on your lips.

Another factor of lip blushing retention is the line work. How much line work needs to be done, if there’s a correction, wrinkles, etc. See this case study below. This client of mine smoked for 20+ years. Through careful reconstruction, we were able to give her that fuller, more defined look of her lips back! She will come back for a second session to shade and contour the natural lip line.

Tiffy B Bratz Lips

Not only can you reconstruct a shape, but you can also give the lips more dimensions. I offer a technique called “Tiffy B Bratz Lips.” Silly name, but it paints a picture. Bratz lips are a more contoured look of the lips. This gives you the appearance of fuller lips. This is done with several different colors, and can include as much dimension as you’d like!

There’s so many different styles of lip blushing St. Louis that can be achieved. It’s also a perfect alternative to lip filler, or a great color to add to your filler!

Ready to ditch the lipstick?

Click here! I can’t wait to give you that perfect pout, girl!

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