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What Is Lip Blushing St. Louis, & Why Is It So Exciting?

Lip blushing St. Louis is the newest, trendiest way to add color to your lips! A nice alternative to lip filler, lip blushing St. Louis can make your lips look nice and full. This is a very natural looking semi permanent makeup procedure in which organic pigment is deposited into the lips with a shading tool.

Unlike old school “Lip Tattoos,” Lip Blushing is a semi permanent procedure that will naturally fade over time. It does not turn blue or green, and you won’t have to worry about having “clown lips.” Also, unlike old school lip tattoos, lip blushing is not dark. While there are a wide variety of colors to choose from, every shade heals down to a natural looking tone.

All pigments that I use are name brand, top of the line, organic, and have been tested thoroughly to ensure the safety and peace of mind for clients. Your skin is the biggest organ on your body, and it’s important that top of the line products and technologies are used to give you the best results that are true to the color.

Over time, we naturally lose our Vermillion Border (that little line) around the lips. Things that cause this are age, hormones, and having children. Lip blushing St. Louis is a beautiful way to add pigment back into that border, and blend a defined lip into your natural skin.

Not only can you add color back into the lips, but you can also correct the line (Vermillion Border) of the lips. Things that may affect your lips over time could be smoking, or drinking through a straw. It may take a couple of sessions, but a natural border can be restored to the lip.

Lip Blushing St. Louis as mentioned before, can be an excellent alternative to lip filler. When contoured properly, Lip Blushing St. Louis can make you look like a “Bratz Doll” in just a couple of sessions! I have been studying for months, and have found the PERFECT combination of adding color, and dimension to the lips. It’s a technique that I have been working on and like to call “Bratz Lips.” Bratz Lips take 2-3 sessions, and are contoured to the natural shape of your lip, but designed to make them look bigger. The first session consists of lining the natural lip to bring out the definition and begin the blending process. The second session is lining a second time and contouring the shape for maximum fullness, while maintaining your natural lips. We never want them to look too big or “Clownish!”

(*Bratz Lips- Session 1; Slight swelling & bruising)

(*HEALED Bratz Lips)

When clients ask me what their lips will look like, I let them know this is described as a natural procedure. Therefore; Lip Blushing St. Louis heals down to a very natural looking color, whatever hue or tone you may choose. If you are wanting a more defined look, more Lip Blushing STL procedures may need to be performed.

The more of a “lipstick look” that the client wants to achieve, the more sessions of the blushing one will need. It’s best to have a consultation with me prior to your appointment to get a realistic idea of how many sessions you will need. The typical amount of sessions a client would need is 2-3. I also offer bundle deals for multiple lip blushing St. Louis sessions, or other PMU combos.

When clients come in for a session, we measure out their natural lip, and spend time making sure the new outline will look even and full. We then take a few moments to make sure the line is in place. I will then use a special numbing cream to ensure the client is somewhat comfortable during our session.

So, Who Exactly Is Lip Blushing For?

Lip Blushing St. Louis is for ANYONE- male and female of all ages! It’s a perfect way to look like a polished version of yourself, to add some extra “oomph” into your everyday life! Lip Blushing is PERFECT for anyone who doesn’t want to wear makeup!

Just as any other permanent makeup, there are precautions and contraindications for Lip Blushing St. Louis. It’s best to have a consultation prior to your procedure. A session for Lip Blushing is $350. If you are wanting a second session up to 18 months, it would be $250, and for 1.5-2 years is $325.

You should wait 4-6 weeks before a Lop Blushing St. Louis procedure if you’ve had:

  • Lip filler/ possible botox

  • Any chemical peels or skin treatments

  • Other dermatological procedures for lips

You want to wake up and spend less time getting ready. If you’re anything like the rest of us; you know- busy, moms, working to build your own business- this can SAVE you TIME! You’ve been wanting a nice lip shape, so what are you waiting for? Message me with any questions, or schedule a FREE virtual consultation today!

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