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What Are Nano Brows St. Louis?

There’s always some sort of new brow trend up and coming, right? Trying to stay up with the trends can almost be… Exhausting. Nano brows St. Louis is the latest trend in which it looks similar to microblading, but there are several differences- only pros, no cons!

Some of us were the product of the 1990s, and early 2000s; and WAY over plucked our brows. While having a makeup or bolder brow look is fun, it’s always best to look natural, but noticeable. Nano brows St. Louis is your answer!

Since nano brows St. Louis are done with a machine tool, it is also more suitable for oily skin types. Microblading is not suitable for oily skin types because incisions with pigments can cause the pigment to spread with the oil in the skin as the strokes heal. Doing nano brows St. Louis can directly deposit that pigment into the skin without causing damage, or for the pigments to spread.

This theory is also applicable to more mature skin types. Mature skin types are hard to microblade due to the fact that the skin has less collagen. It also takes more time to heal. With nano brows St. Louis, healing time is not as difficult. The skin is not as elastic, therefore microblading strokes can become large or damaged. With the nano brow St. Louis technique, this can be avoided.

There’s really no down sides to nano brows. If you’re looking for realistic eyebrows, nano strokes are your go to! What are you waiting for? Click the link below to schedule your brows today!

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