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How To Prepare For Your Tattoo Appointment

Getting a tattoo is scary, right? I mean, it is permanent and all. That’s particularly why I don’t do walk ins. 

When I first started tattooing, I got a cover up on my neck- something I now need covered up. Crazy right? An inception of cover ups. It is because I didn’t think it through. The artist rushed me, so I just said “Okay! Let’s do it!” … The piece ended up getting infected, and I have regretted it ever since.

Trust me, when I say, I know the feeling of pressure to choose, and get it done inside of a big shop. This is why I say, “Think about what it is you want before booking.” This is also why I offer free consultations. 


Is there a meaning behind your tattoo? Most of the times tattoos can mean something- or they can simply be cute! Having meaning behind your tattoo makes it easier to love and place.


It’s important to think about where you want your tattoo. This can save quite a lot of time during your appointment. It’s always best to ask your artist if you’re unsure. As someone who is very picky on tattoos, I will always be honest about whether or not something looks good. This can include the way the stencil lines up with the body, or even other tattoos. Choosing where you want your tattoo placed will help you choose the right size. 


Having an idea of the size of your tattoo is definitely something to think about prior to the appointment. I will take the time to show you a couple of different sizes. The placement will definitely help you decide on which size to choose. If you get a stencil placed, and don’t like the size- that’s okay! That's why we choose a couple of different sizes. 

If you’re ready to dive in, great! Picking out a tattoo can be tricky and confusing. That’s why asking, and scheduling a consultation is a great way to get started!

Ready? Let's Dive In!

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