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Step by Step Prep for your Lash Extensions St. Louis | Tiffany Ruby

If you’ve never had lash extensions St. Louis before, you probably have A LOT of questions, and are probably wondering what to do. Never fear, Tiffy B is here!- to help with your appointment that is.

A Few Days Before Your Lash Extensions St. Louis Appointment

In the days prior to getting lash extensions, you should make sure you’re prepared. My first recommendation is to stop wearing strip lashes. The residue from the strip adhesive can be very sticky. Coming in with strip lashes on, can affect the amount of time it takes to cleanse, and ultimately affect the amount of time your technician has to lash you.

The Day Of

If you wear contact lenses, you should come to your lash extensions St. Louis appointment with glasses on. This will ensure that your contacts don’t dry out. I recommend not getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after your appointment, and not taking your contact lenses in and out will help with that.

When scheduling your lash extensions St. Louis appointment in the morning, it is best to avoid caffeine. This can make the lashes fluttery, and uncalm. Having calm lashes can ultimately help your tech give you the most lashes per lash. This will result in more lashes being able to be lashed.

During Your Lash Extensions St. Louis Appointment

Talking is always welcomed during your lash extensions St. Louis appointment. However, the more your face moves during your appointment, the slower your lash technician will be able to lash you.

Opening your eyes during your lash extensions St. Louis appointment is a big no no. This includes things like checking your phone, or opening your eyes while talking. There’s a small amount of fumes that can cause the eye to water.

After Your Appointment

Directly after your lash extensions St. Louis appointment, your lash tech will apply a bonder to your lashes to help the adhesive bond, and last. Your lash technician will also give you aftercare instructions.

Do not get your lash extensions wet for 24 hours. This helps the adhesive bond to the lash. Do not use any oil based products, for makeup, or removal. This will loosen the bonds of the lash. The more makeup that is applied, the more the lashes are compromised.

Always ask your technician any questions you may have! Tiffy B Glam Squad provides several lash extension cleansing products, as well as glam cleansing packages.

Stop applying mascara and spending tons of time removing it!

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