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St. Louis Lashes Aftercare

St. Louis lashes are a luxury, right? But they should also be well cared for.

You should also be educated on how to care for them. Any client that walks through the door of my studio knows that I am huge on being comfortable AND educated.

If you’re making the investment in your face- we want the results to last as long as possible!

The First 24

Okay, I’m kidding- kind of. In the 24 hours the bonding agent is still curing the adhesive to your St. Louis lashes, so we want to keep them as safe, and be as gentle as possible.

Getting your St. Louis lashes wet.

You don’t want to get them wet for 24 hours either. This includes, but is not limited to, a shower or even giving your kids a bath. You also want to watch for steam. Don’t boil a pot of pasta, or pull a pizza out of the oven that’s too steamy (I’ve seen it done before.)

The Rest of Days

How you take care of your lashes St. Louis is going to determine how long they last.

It’s best to sleep on your back so that your lashes don't get smashed. I often tell my clients that whatever side they sleep on, that side is more likely to see fall out than the other side.

Combing through them once a day is best. Doing so too little, or too often can cause them to get tangled, or be too rough on them.

The Makeup Situation

I like to tell my girls that they’re either a big lash wearer, or a big makeup wearer. Not to say that you can’t wear makeup with lashes St. Louis. It will, however, begin to get caked between the lashes.

That’s exactly why it's so important to make sure you’re cleaning your lashes properly. Cleaning your makeup off after wearing it will help your lashes last longer (and let’s be honest, your skin stay clearer and look younger)!

to see ALL the steps for proper cleansing!

Outgrown Lashes

Once your lashes St. Louis start to grow out, it's time to remove them. Or you can pop in for a fill!

Taking care of your St. Louis lashes once they begin to grow out is another key factor in retaining your natural lashes health. We want to be able to lash as long as possible!

And by the way, I always squeeze my girls in or push out their appointments if the lashes are looking good.

to read more about outgrown lashes

Are you ready to wake up and not makeup?

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