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Introducing; The Best Lash Adhesive on the Market

The science behind lash extensions

Whenever I’m talking about lashes St. Louis, I always talk about how lashes cure, and what you need to do to take care of them.

At home care is 75% of retention, but does anyone else know what the other 25% is? Well I'm going to tell you anyway. It's how the lash is applied and what is used.

That's why we're going to take a look at lashes St. Louis adhesives, and you’ll learn why I invented my own, and what I did to get there! , and what it takes to get

The History of Lash Adhesive

Most lashes St. Louis adhesives work by and are made with a main ingredient called cyanoacrylate.

Back in 1947, a company called B.F. Goodrich invented and stumbled upon this substance that was extremely strong, and stuck to anything it came into contact with. It wasn't until 1958 that the company realized it’s true potential, and put it on the market for at home DIY use.

Over the years, it was eventually picked up by beauty professionals, and used as main ingredients in lash and nail adhesives.

How Lash Adhesive Works

Cyanoacrylate is an instant cure by humidity, and temperature. Your adhesive will dry FASTER when it’s more humid, as opposed to being DRY. When the air is dry, the cyanoacrylate takes a longer time to process. Likewise with the temperature. The lower the temperature, the humidity will automatically be lower in your lashes St. Louis room.

Variables That Affect Lashes

When doing lashes St. Louis, you should always make sure that your temperature and humidity are perfect for the curing of your adhesive. I always knew this in theory, and when studying; but I’ve also experienced it first hand.

My studio is 1800 sq ft, and my building is very old. It’s no secret our weather was crazy this year, and it directly affected my business.

I went through EVERY kind of adhesive imaginable. I had an airtight storage container. One day, the humidity was high, the next it was low. It was expensive and a lot to explain to clients. The plot twist was that I felt like I was spending more money on trying the adhesive than I would if I had just created my own. So I did exactly that.

I’ve spent the last 7 months working on creating my own adhesive! She’s a beautiful jelly adhesive that I made for even the most sensitive of clients! This adhesive will thrive in humidity as low as 35%, and work with the humidity as high as 65%, while thriving in temperatures as low as 69 degrees, or as high as 76! Most importantly, I made this adhesive completely latex free! Talk about a range!

While spending a lot of time creating something that will work, it’s something I’m extremely proud of. I am so excited to help the retention of my clients, as well as provide lash techs with an adhesive that they can rely on!

Ready to try THE BEST adhesive on the market? Are you ready to lengthen the life of your lashes? Click the link below!

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