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How To Care For Grown Out Lashes

Okay so I'm always talking about how “I’ll never put anything too long or heavy on your lashes right?” Great Tiff, but what does that MEAN exactly? Come take a brief look at how having healthy lash extensions St. Louis, MO can mean shaving off a few minutes of your day, WITHOUT damaging your natural lashes.

How Lashing Works

When attaching lash extensions St. Louis to the natural lash, every natural lash is different. Some lashes can handle more than others. The weight and length matter because the lash extensions St. Louis weighs down the natural lash, and causes damage. When applying the extensions, it’s important to place the lash extensions St. Louis about 1-2 mm away from the base. This ensures that the lash extensions St. Louis won’t touch the skin, or cause the fumes from the adhesive to reach the eye.

What Happens When Lashes Grow

Once eyelashes begin to grow out, they will eventually need to be removed. This is because the further out they grow, the more of the natural lash will begin to show. This will then cause the extension to be too heavy for the natural lash. The natural lash can even twist and pull out. With proper care, lash extensions St. Louis can be slightly grown out, but it’s important to see your tech every two weeks to make sure they are not too far outgrown. Once most lashes have grown out, a new set may need to be applied.

How To Remove Outgrown Extensions

Since we don’t want to remove a full set, you have to be very careful when removing an extension. Typically this can take up 3-4 minutes if you want to remove the lash without damage. It’s important to remove the lash extensions St. Louis so that you can apply a new healthy one.

Starting at the base, you can wiggle the lash loose with one tweezer very carefully. Once the lash extensions St. Louis have been removed, a new one can be applied closer to the base of the natural lash!

Leave Like A Million Bucks

Once your tech has “preened” or removed all of the outgrown lash extensions St. Louis, and applied new ones, you’ll be ready to go for another two weeks! Your natural lashes won’t suffer from damage, and you will be able to maintain a full and fluffy look.

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