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- Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your appointment time. This ensures all paperwork is filled out. You will also have access to snacks prior to your appointment if necessary

- No children please. This is a studio with expensive and sharp equipment. To avoid damage, or injury, please do no bring children to the studio space

- No guests please. This is a quiet place. While everyone is welcome, its a place of focus.

- Non refundable retainers. 

         * Due at time of service

         * Are nontransferable

         * 48 hour notice for reschedules please, or you will loose your retainer. Unless proof of emergency is provided. 

- This is a safe space. Absolutely non of the following is allowed. I reserve the right at any time to stop services, and will be asked to leave

         * Hatred

         * Racism

         * Gossip of another studio or artist

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